Teaching the whole child concept is very important to us. Having a Character Development and Social-Emotional Learning Program since 2005 has been one of our priorities, along with our STEM initiative. We want our students to instill positive character traits, including honesty, integrity, respect, courtesy, responsibility, accountability, caring, kindness, empathy, citizenship, and patriotism, etc. while they are at the School of Science and Technology (SST). Student reflection is essential to gain those values. We are going through a hard time now in this unprecedented time of the century. All of our students are currently at home. We want our students to reflect on the current Coronavirus issues in light of our core ethical values. Our community members are expected to extend their thoughts through this initiative for isolated elders, hospitalized patients, first responders, medical teams and military, and others especially in need of hope and encouragement during this time.  We hope that the initiative provides opportunities for our students to develop some essential skills such as empathy, caring, and appreciation.

HeArts for Hope_BTPBTH-TFAA_PressRelease.pdf

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